Lockdown is the perfect time to test

We’re asking for your help. COVID-19 lockdown is a once in a lifetime opportunity to beat HIV. Gay men are having less sex. So we think very few people have caught HIV recently.
This is important for 2 reasons:

  • For a short period after catching HIV, people are ‘super infectious’. So after lockdown there won’t be many super infectious people left.
  • It can take 4 weeks after catching HIV for it to show up in tests. That means at the moment testing will pick up almost everyone who has the virus.

If those who test positive start treatment, it will be impossible for them to pass the infection to others. That means after lockdown we’ll have cleared most of the infectious HIV from our community. Free NHS PrEP will then become available after that to finish the job.
We’re asking you to visit our campaign site and do 2 things:


  • Find your local area’s service and order a home testing  kit
  • Download the campaign materials and spread the testing message on your social media

ACT NOW if you are on the IMPACT trial

The IMPACT study is preparing to close. The COVID-19 outbreak has delayed the roll out of NHS PrEP. It’s unlikely to be available when the study ends. The last date the study can provide free meds is July 12th.
We’re asking you to take action NOW. Otherwise, you may not have access to PrEP when lockdown ends. For a limited time only we can send you PrEP by post.
Email us if you have less than 6 weeks supply at: prep.deanstreet@chelwest.nhs.uk. Include your clinic and mobile number. We have over 5,000 people on the trial so don’t leave it to the last minute.