If you have condomless sex and are NOT protecting yourself with PrEP, you should test for HIV every month. Do not forget, you can use the PRIME text to walk into Dean Street Express without an appointment. You can also order a home HIV test online here.

  • We’ve negotiated a better price from our PrEP Shop suppliers and are passing the savings on to you. These are the new prices from June. Find out more in this article.

1 pack – £30 – equivalent to £30 per pack

3 packs – £60 – equivalent to £20 per pack

6 packs – £105 – equivalent to £17.50 per pack

  • We’ve reduced the number of times PrEP Shop users need a check-up. If you’re aged under 40 and have no kidney issues, you now only need to come in every 6 months. (Sorry, but if you’re on the IMPACT study the research requires you to keep coming every 3 months).
  • Episode IV of the Grass Is Always Grindr has just launched and you can watch it above, or read more in this article. Catch-up on the previous episodes here to follow Adam and Joe navigating gay life in London. We are releasing new episodes every two weeks – subscribe to our YouTube channel to receive updates as new episodes air.
  • Are you not using PrEP at the moment and wondering if you should be on PrEP? Use our ZERO tool to see which plan works best for you or read this article to advise you if you should consider taking PrEP.
  • In episode 3 and 4, things go wrong at a chill out party. David Stuart our chems advisor has recorded this video about using GHB/GBL more safely.
  • When you start PrEP it is really important you get tested and know what to do. We’ve recently seen several guys who developed HIV drug resistance because they didn’t get the right checks before starting. Watch our video before you start PrEP or take a look at this article.
  • Finally, we also have some practical tips when you get started on PrEP here.
  • 56 Dean Street and Dean Street Express are closed on Monday 6 May during the Early May Bank Holiday.