• Remember, if you are having condomless sex with casual partners you should get a full STI check up every 3 months. If you’re having condomless sex and aren’t protecting yourself with PrEP, you should also test for HIV every month. Don’t forget, you can use the PRIME text to walk into Dean Street Express without an appointment. You can also order a home HIV test online here

  • This month, we talk everything PrEP. Knowing if PrEP is right for you, how to access it, how to take it, we’ve got all the latest information. Find out what PrEP is, if you need to consider it, how to use it , and where to get it
  • We’ve updated our YouTube PrEP playlist. Why not check out our new videos here
  • The PrEP Impact study launched a year ago this month, and new places are available across London. Find out more information here
  • Can’t afford to buy PrEP? Terrence Higgins’ Trust is setting up a fund which can support people on low/no income: read about it here
  • Trans men can use PrEP too! Find out which PrEP is best for you here
  • Have you recently taken a break from sex but want to get back into it? We have some top tips