Myths and Facts

  • Remember, if you are having condomless sex with casual partners you should get a full STI check up every 3 months. If you’re having condomless sex and aren’t protecting yourself with PrEP, you should also test for HIV every month. Don’t forget, you can use the PRIME text to walk into Dean Street Express without an appointment. You can also order a home HIV test online here.

  • This month on PRIME we are discussing some common sexual health myths. Find out the facts about PrEP, oral sex, bareback sex and visiting the health adviser.
  • There is a special West End Charity Gala performance of the critically acclaimed ‘Riot Act’ for World AIDS Day in aid of the Dean Street Wellbeing Programme. You can book here. Duchess Theatre, Monday November 26th 7pm. Tickets are only £23.50 (inc booking fees). All proceeds are going to Dean Street Wellbeing programme.
  • When you come to 56 Dean Street you are sometimes referred to a health adviser. This is not always bad news. Learn more about what a health adviser does.
  • There are a lot of myths and facts out there about PrEP.  With more and more people on PrEP we wanted to debunk the most common misconceptions.
  • Furthermore: having bareback sex is one of the riskiest forms of sex. We have some tips on what you could do instead.
  • And can you get HIV from oral sex – read more about the myths and facts.
  • If you are taking a break from sex, you should give yourself a happiness boost.  Not sure how? Check out our tips here.
  • Lastly we also have some tips on how to use mindfulness to become a better partner.