Meet new friends

If you have condomless sex and are NOT protecting yourself with PrEP, you should test for HIV every month. Do not forget, you can use the PRIME text to walk into Dean Street Express without an appointment. You can also order a home HIV test online here. If you’re on PrEP then you should have a check up every 3-6 months

  • We love the idea of Beboyz. It’s the new social network from the team at Boyz magazine. Beboyz is different from anything we’ve seen before. It’s about meeting new people who share your interests. It’s not a dating or hook up service. It’s a place to meet new friends.
  • In fact we love Beboyz so much that we’ve teamed up to offer PRIME members an exclusive offer. Sign up before June 10th and PRIME members get free lifetime membership worth £50 a year. Check it out here or follow the link to sign up now:
  • We also have some tips for couples and single guys to make new friends in London. There a lot of people out there to meet!
  • As you might have heard we’ve negotiated a better price from our PrEP Shop suppliers and are passing the savings on to you. The new prices are below and check this page for more information:

1 pack – £30 – equivalent to £30 per pack

3 packs – £60 – equivalent to £20 per pack

6 packs – £105 – equivalent to £17.50 per pack

  • We have some tips for you to speak to your friends about PrEP.
  • New episode of The Grass Is Always Grindr just released. Leo completely loses it on G at the chill out. Adam introduces Joe to his Dad for the first time. Do things go well? Catch-up on the previous episodes here. We are releasing new episode every two weeks. subscribe to our YouTube channel to receive updates as new episodes air.