Feeling lonely and meeting new people; we have some tips to make the most of new connections.

  • We are proud to present Episode 2 of The Grass is always Grindr. It is the morning after for Joe and Adam. And things are about to get complicated – watch the new episode above and subscribe to our YouTube channel.
  • PrEP is hot at the moment, some quick updates for you. We are still waiting for the European Court of Justice to make a final decision about generic PrEP in England (Generic PrEP are the cheaper unbranded PrEP tablets). In the meanwhile you can buy PrEP from our PrEP shop.
  • Unfortunately we do not have places available for all those who are interested in joining the PrEP IMPACT study. Some other clinics in London still have places available, so you can still join the study.
  • In the PRIME survey a few months ago many of you indicated that loneliness is an important topic for you.
  • Feelings of loneliness differ from person to person. Some of us are happy with one or two meaningful connections, whereas other people feel isolated without lots of communication.
  • We show you the best ways to meet new people in London and some things to avoid during that first conversation.
  • When you take a break from sex, you create time and space. We have some tips on how to fill the void. And can you feel lonely in a relationship? In ‘Just Us’¬†we explore this question.
  • And where do guys who are into bareback sex meet? We have some answers.