Joe met a man and went monogamous with him, after a negative result from a HIV test, check in with him to see how the first few weeks have gone.
PRIME EVENTS: Let’s Talk About Gay Sex and Drugs returns with a theme of “Beginnings”. In cabaret style, Queer performance artists, poets, or simply community members with an opinion will be taking to the stage and open-mic to share how ChemSex affects them, their friends or their community. It’s free and all are welcome. Click here to read more.

  • This month on PRIME we’re looking at intimacy and all the forms it can take
  • Whether it’s in the physical and sexual sense with a partner or the more emotional and personal side
  • Sometimes, we aren’t intimate and honest with ourselves, let alone the way we form relationships with other people
  • Gay life in London can make it tough to connect with people on an intimate level. Are you getting enough?