This month we want to introduce you to Joe, he’s a young gay guy trying to figure out which PRIME option will work best for him. Watch the video above to follow his story. Joe will be back next month to update us with his progress.
PRIME FREEBIES: This month we want you to try something new, mindfulness.  click here to download a free trial of the HeadSpace app.

  • This month on PRIME we’re mastering mindfulness, giving our brains an important workout
  • Mindfulness is deceiving as a name, it’s not about having a mind that is full but clearing all the mental clutter away so you can focus on the important stuff
  • The NHS has this simple guide on mindfulness and how it can benefit your life
  • For a healthy body and to thrive in your sex life, however you want to, it all begins with how you feel about yourself and your state of mind