Is your drinking having a negative impact?

This month we're focusing on alcohol and its effects on your wellbeing. There's also new releases from Taofique's PRIME fitness programme - easy home workouts to get you in shape and feeling great!

Whether it’s home alone, social drinking, or everyday drinking, it can sometimes increase without us noticing. Perhaps it’s affecting your finances or your physical or emotional health. Or maybe you’ve suffered from one too many midweek hangovers at work and really regretted having drunk so much the night before? If so, now might be the time to take a look at your drinking.




Take this quick and simple test to understand more about your own drinking and find out whether your relationship with alcohol is about right or whether you’re overdoing it.




Reducing your alcohol intake has loads of feel-good benefits too. It’s good for your health, great for your relationships and can even have a positive impact on your sex life. And the really good news is that there are plenty of things to do to get things back on track.



Book a place on our workshop on Wed 13th November 5.30-7pm, and leave with a plan for change that suits you, or at the very least, feeling better informed and less ‘fearful’ of making changes in the future. Click here to find out more.



Also check out the Drinkaware website, it’s packed full of useful tips and resources to help you make better choices around your drinking.




PRIME Fitness


Are you ready? Taofique’s back to continue our fitness challenge.



This month’s HIIT training workout is designed to burn body fat, raise your heart rate and relieve stress & anxiety.



We also focus on upper body strength and power. Working the muscles in your chest and arms will maintain muscle mass as you burn excess fat. It’ll help boost confidence and raise testosterone levels too.


For the HIIT workout click here


For the upper body strength workout click here