Healthier, Happier, Less Stressed

To celebrate the launch of PRIME Fitness today, read on to find out this month about all the amazing benefits that regular exercise can have on all areas of life - from mental health to your sex life. Keep your eyes peeled for the next videos that will be arriving on October 16th!

We’ve developed PRIME Fitness to improve your total wellbeing. Our expert coach Taofique Folarin has designed an exercise program that aims to do more than build muscle and reduce body fat.

Completing the 12 week programme means you won’t just be physically healthier. We want you to feel happier, calmer, and more confident too.

Today we’re releasing the first 2 workouts.

  • Core  – beginner/intermediate/advanced options available. Click the video above.
  • Mobility & Flexibility – to relieve tension and stress. Click here to access.

You won’t need any special equipment and we’ll add new content every few weeks. However, even if PRIME Fitness isn’t for you, we’re still challenging you to increase your physical activity for the next 3 months.

The Miracle Cure – improve your physical, mental and sexual wellbeing

The UK Academy of Medical Royal Colleges describes exercise as the ‘miracle cure’.  People get health benefits from as little as 30 minutes physical activity per week. If you exercise for 15 minutes a day you can expect to live 3 years longer.

Your body

Staying active reduces the levels of inflammation chemicals in your body, which are linked to a whole host of medical problems. It improves your blood pressure and increases the levels of good cholesterol in your blood. This protects you from a wide range of health issues including diabetes, heart disease, stroke, metabolic syndrome and autoimmune illnesses.

But the benefits don’t stop there, it also reduces your risk of bowel cancer, and some studies suggest it may reduce the risk of lung and prostate cancer too.

We all know that regular exercise will reduce body fat and improve muscle strength and definition. This improvement in muscle tone will help support joints which reduces the risk of arthritis. If you already have osteoarthritis it can reduce pain and increase your function and range of movement. Your bones will get stronger and healthier.

Your mind

Physical activity boosts mood and wellbeing. It works by improving the levels of dopamine and serotonin in your brain. Balancing these hormones leads to a reduction in feelings of anxiety and stress.

Do you sometimes feel low? Keeping active has been proven to reduce depression. The increased levels of endorphins produce positive feelings and a reduced perception of pain. It’s also linked to improved memory, helps you learn new skills and reduces the risk of schizophrenia and dementia.

Problems sleeping? Feeling tired during the day? Regular physical activity can help you fall asleep faster. You can expect better and deeper sleep. However, don’t exercise vigorously just before bed as the endorphin rush can keep you awake.

You’re likely to feel happier, calmer, have an improved self-image and a better sense of wellbeing if you’re physically active. So take our 3 month challenge and improve your self-esteem, feel happier, more relaxed and less anxious.

Your sex life

Exercise is also a great way to improve your sex life. It’s linked to improved sexual desire, function and performance. Muscle strengthening exercises optimise testosterone levels, which can boost your sex drive.

The improvement in your blood circulation means increased energy levels, stamina and stronger, longer lasting erections. There’s clear evidence that regular exercise decreases the risk of erectile dysfunction.

It also improves higher sexual functioning. Anxiety, stress and depression all take their toll on your sex life. Improving your self-esteem, mood and outlook mean you’ll have the confidence to stay in control and get the sex you want.

How much exercise should you do?

It’s important to start with something that you think is achievable. Experts ideally recommend 150 minutes of ‘moderate intensity exercise’ per week (e.g. 30 minutes on 5 days).  You should include something that builds muscle strength exercises on at least two of the days. Anything that makes you feel warm, increases your heart rate and makes you breathe faster would count.

 Examples of ‘Moderate Intensity Exercise’

  • Brisk walking/cycling/jogging
  • Weights/Exercise bands
  • Body-weight training such as push ups.
  • Swimming/Rowing/Team sports
  • Dancing
  • Having sex


Physical activity is safe and beneficial for almost everyone. A common mistake is to try to take on too much at once. Start slow and listen to your body.  If you find it too easy, build up the intensity over the next few sessions . Don’t overdo it on the first day and then give up.

Check with your doctor first if you have very high blood pressure or significant heart, circulation or lung problems.


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