Having more foreplay could lead to better sex for both of you, and may help reduce the risk of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Fucking without condoms is the riskiest sex you can have. The longer the penetration time the easier it is for any infections to be passed from one guy to another. Even with safer sex  there’s a greater chance of condoms failing if sex goes on for a long time. While turning up the foreplay could make sex safer, it can also improve the sex you’re having by increasing anticipation, concentrating on the different things you and your partner like, and finding enjoyment in new things to try.
Before you get down to it, work on the buildup. Ask a guy what he likes and don't just focus on anal sex - there's so much more! If you always find yourself going straight to fucking, try and take longer over foreplay by extending it a little each time.

  • In a survey of gay and straight couples, 44% said they would like to see more foreplay in the bedroom.
  • A survey of gay men who identify as ‘tops’ or ‘vers tops’ found that one of the things that turned them off some bottom guys most was if they try to skip the foreplay.
  • In the Journal of Sexual Medicine, researcher involving nearly 25,000 gay and bisexual men found that sex involving the ass was the least common type. Around 75% reported kissing their partners, giving oral sex, and/or receiving oral sex in their most recent sexual encounters.
  • By contrast, only 36% of men reporting receiving anal sex and 34% of men reporting giving it. In the same research the most common series of activities involved holding their partner romantically, kissing, solo masturbation, masturbating the partner, masturbation by the partner, and rubbing dicks/dicks rubbing against ass.