Exploring your fantasies and kinks by chatting online can be a good way to figure out what turns you on without going too far too fast. The great thing about the internet is that it is easier to find like-minded people.

  • Fantasies primarily exist in our minds and imagination, which makes them so personal and powerful. Trying out these fantasies might be fantastic.
  • Last month we asked you about the most unusual sex and fantasies you have ever had. You can read the stories here.
  • Whatever your fantasy is, you could be putting your health and that of others at risk if you try something new before knowing how safe it is. The GMFA have a useful guide to check this.
  • We made some new videos of guys talking about their experiences with PrEP. You can watch one of the videos above and the others are found in the prep section.
  • Dean Street has allocated all it’s places for the PrEP Impact Trial but the study is still recruiting at other clinics. Read an update about the study to see which clinics in England are still recruiting.