Communication, consent and disclosure

“Only do what you both (or all) want. This is the heart of the consent message: you don’t have to do anything you don’t want and you shouldn’t make anyone do anything they don’t want.” - Survivors UK, a male rape and sexual abuse charity

  • Welcome back and happy 2018! We hope you had a good festive break.
  • This month we look at communication, consent and disclosure.
  • In a recent survey by the gay men’s health charity GMFA, 52% of the respondents said the gay community has issues when it comes to consent. And 62% said they had been touched or groped in a bar or club without giving express permission. We discuss consent and what this means.
  • We also have tips for communicating about sex if you are in a relationship or want to go bareback. And we asked guys about their experiences talking about PrEP and how to deal with guys who don’t use condoms.