Dive into April

HEP A Alert:  PRIME members priority for vaccine
We want to warn you that there’s been an increase of Hepatitis A infection in gay men. The first infections were seen in men who had recently returned from Spain. However, cases are now being seen in men who change partners frequently and those having sex in saunas and other ‘public sex venues’. Read more here.

  • This month we’re talking about lubing up, the risks of sharing fluids and washing the past away
  • With spring upon us, April is a great month to get back into the great outdoors with water activities like swimming or rowing
  • We want to get you thinking about what you’re doing with your free time and really getting to know your lubes
  • We’ve also got a short video that explains the testing windows for your sexual health check-ups (2 weeks for chlamydia and gonorrhoea and 4 weeks for HIV)