There is always a risk when you have unprotected sex with people. Testing regularly is the best thing to reduce the risk to your health and the people that you are sleeping with. We recommend to set a reminder in your phone to get into the habit of a 3 monthly check up at Dean Street Express.

  • Until the end of July you can bring a friend to Dean Street Express without a reservation. Just come in together and show us your PRIME text.
  • We have some great tips about testing – how to make it easier – and what you can do yourself every Saturday morning in the shower.
  • You might have heard that the first case of super gonorrhoea has been diagnosed in the UK. We have all the information you need to know about it.
  • This month we’re launching our new online ChemSex support tool. This tool can help you make tailored, positive changes to your ChemSex use. You can work through the guide with your healthcare provider, or on your own. It’ll help you to identify a goal, and work toward it.
  • A few months ago we asked you for your opinion about PRIME and got a great response – read more about what we learned.
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