Sharing your experiences of PrEP

When you are taking PrEP you are taking control of your health but not everyone understands why you might choose to take PrEP. Talking about PrEP with your friends might seem uncomfortable at first, but there are lots of reasons why frank discussions can lead to positive outcomes.

Helping and supporting your friends

Your friends may be thinking about taking PrEP but could have reservations. Sharing your experience could help them to make a decision or understand more about the benefits of PrEP.

Making deeper connections

Friendships are not only about having fun; serious conversations help to deepen and strengthen bonds. Talking about your sex life with a close friend lets them know that you trust them.

Dispelling myths

Research shows men on PrEP sometimes experience stigma. Stigma is built on misunderstanding and so talking about PrEP with your friends helps to create a more informed community.

Sharing your truth

It can be empowering to talk about your sex life with trusted friends. Just like coming out enables you to talk more openly about any questions or thoughts you have about your sexuality, being open about PrEP enables you to stay informed yourself.