PrEP Shop

We’ve created PrEP Shop to make it easier for you to buy generic HIV PrEP from someone you trust. ‘Generic’ drugs are sold more cheaply than branded drugs. By using the buying power of the NHS we aim to keep prices as affordable as we can.

HIV PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) involves taking pills containing the drugs tenofovir and emtricitabine to protect you from catching HIV. It works really well if you take it correctly. For more information about PrEP and how to take it, visit our YouTube playlist. We also recommend that you read this PrEP leaflet on the i-Base website and the I want PrEP now website – both great sources of information. And don’t forget to check out


How do I buy from PrEP Shop?

You can tell us that you want to buy from PrEP Shop during an appointment at 56 Dean Street or Dean Street Express. There’s some paperwork we need to complete with you before we can prescribe you PrEP. We’ll need to register you for ‘Additional Private Care’ (see below) and then we’ll ask you some quick questions to check it’s safe to prescribe PrEP to you.

  • We’ll ask about your medical history and if you’re taking other medicines
  • We’ll check your kidney blood and urine tests
  • We’ll check your Hepatitis B result
  • After your appointment, we’ll ask you to email PrEP Shop with your clinic number and your request (maximum 7-month supply between check-ups)
  • We’ll reply a few days later once our doctor has checked the results and prescribed your medicines
  • You come in, pay and collect your PrEP tablets from the 56 Dean Street pharmacy (currently Saturday 11-4pm only)
  • We’ll advise you to get monitored at Dean Street Express every 3 months


What is Additional Private Care?

Additional Private Care allows you to buy extra healthcare on top of standard NHS care. In this case your sexual health screening and monitoring tests are provided free by the NHS. You’ll just pay for the prescribing and supply of the PrEP drugs.

You’ll need to sign some paperwork confirming you understand the following information.

  • If you buy ‘Additional Private Care’, your entitlement to NHS care is not affected
  • The NHS part of your care remains the same as that of other NHS patients
  • The private and NHS parts of your care will be kept as separate as possible
  • You will not be charged for your 3 monthly PrEP monitoring
  • The private part of your care will have the same quality assurance and audit checks as our NHS services
  • If PrEP becomes available on the NHS in the future, you won’t be entitled to a refund
  • HIV PrEP is available elsewhere. Ask one of our team for the latest information
  • We will not be able to supply PrEP if you are no longer able to afford it
  • We will not be able to prescribe generic PrEP if it is withdrawn from the UK market
  • You’ll read the PrEP booklet provided by i-Base

We’ve summarised it all in the video.

It’s important to remember people at very high risk of HIV may be eligible to get free NHS funded PrEP by joining the PrEP Impact study.