How do I get PrEP?

If you are interested in taking PrEP to help protect you from HIV infection, here are four ways you can get it:

PrEP Shop

Our new PrEP Shop is just one way that you may be able to get PrEP. We’ve created PrEP Shop to make it easier for you to buy HIV PrEP from someone you trust. By using the buying power of the NHS we aim to keep prices as affordable as we can. (Buy 30 PrEP tablets for £55) Visit 

PrEP Impact Study

Some people at high risk of HIV are able to access PrEP for free as part of an ongoing research project. People at very high risk of HIV may be eligible to get free NHS funded PrEP. For information of joining the study, visit the PrEP Impact study.


It is legal to purchase PrEP online from abroad and import up to 3 months’ supply into the UK for personal use.

Visit our clinic

We also sell branded Truvada PrEP from our Saturday PrEP Clinic. (Thirty branded Truvada tablets cost £400)