PrEP Etiquette Online

We asked guys on PrEP about their PrEP etiquette online. Do you share on apps that you are on PrEP?

Marius: “I don’t have it on my profile. I don’t want everyone knowing and associating it with pictures of my face. But if I am going to have sex with someone I tell them then. I just say that I’m on PrEP. Sometimes a guy will ask what that is but it’s quite rare- people usually know what it means and either say that they are too, that they are positive and undetectable or that they want to use condoms. I’ve have had one or two guys who just don’t respond but that’s dating apps for you!”

Dan: “I like to meet guys face-to-face before sex so I don’t mention it online but I do talk about sex with them, to see what they like. Some guys don’t like to talk about the details though. I’ve met guys and swapped numbers and they’ve text me about PrEP before they come over for sex. I guess some people are shy talking about it but I don’t think they should be.”

Haydn: “Of course I tell people online. Straight away… well maybe after a cock pic or two! What’s the point of people being on it if you keep it to yourself? I want to tell everyone as it is helpling to stop HIV.”

Joe: “I didn’t at first but it’s really common to see it now so I added it to my profile. There’s even a pill emoji on Grindr now – I think that means it is officially part of our culture.”