Bringing romance back

For some people Valentine’s Day is the pinnacle of romance. For others it’s a pointless exercise in wasting cardboard. But if you’ve been together for a while, it can provide a platform to re-energise and develop a healthy relationship together. If your sex life has been set to snooze during the winter months, Valentine’s Day can be the perfect time to rekindle the romance.

Experts at Good Therapy offer these three tips:

1. Start simple

Don’t try and rush back to a weekend full of bedroom antics. Start to build anticipation. A massage or a bath together can help your bodies to reconnect which can spark your natural desire to go further.

2. Think creatively

Don’t let sex get stagnant. A new study published in The Journal of Sex Research found that 70% of people who cheat on partners do so because they feel neglected.

Focusing on your partner and what they want takes energy but can be worth the rewards. Be prepared to try new things that you are comfortable with – perhaps by each writing down five things you’d like to try in the bedroom and choosing one from each list.

3. Rediscover life together

Getting bored in the bedroom can be a sign of feeling that life is too routine in general. Creating relationship rituals together, like watching TV or going out to dinner, can be nice but if they become too repetitive things can become stale.

Try search in the local news, online or on social media for some local events or activities that you could do for the first time together. Finding new excitement in your life together can help you find passion in the bedroom.