Answering an age old question

The age-old question of “how many dates should you wait to make a move?” has been discussed, debated, and dissected for many years. In reality there are no rules, no right or wrong to the number of dates you should wait to make a move. If it feels right and it is safe to do so, then by all means make your move.

You might be asking yourself: won’t this make me look easy, can we ever have a lasting relationship based on this? Yet we all know guys who have hooked up with someone after just meeting and have gone on to date, moved in together and got married in the end. As well as we all know guys who went on three–four dates before the move was made, and they also went to date further, moved in together and got married. So if two guys like each other and consent, when they decide to make merry don’t factor in to the equation of long-term happiness.

Dating should not be a case of following societal norms – meet, date, date some more, then have sex when an appropriate amount of time has passed. The real actual pertinent question you should be asking yourself is: how much do you fancy the person sat next/across from you. And how much do you need to know about them before you can be together and feel safe with the person.

In the long and short of it, if you like a guy and feel that he likes you, then why not try your luck, make your move. And as far as hard and fast rules go, there aren’t any as everyone is an individual with their own needs and beliefs. So don’t over think it, and make your move whenever you believe it is the right time and ensure it is safe; three minutes after first meeting the person, three dates together, or after three years. The choice is yours.