Christmas treats

Condom sales in the UK reach their greatest peak just before Christmas, a larger peak than the rise in sales before summer holidays. So it’s clear that the Christmas treats on our minds at this time of year aren’t just those waiting for us under the tree.

There are many ways to spice up your sex life safely, and you could even consider buying yourself or partners a sexy Christmas gift…

Sex toys

Sex toys come in all shapes and sizes. Toys for your cock – like vibrating cock rings and masturbation sleeves/strokers – are safe as long as they are cleaned properly before sharing them with a partner. Anal toys should not be shared unless a new condom is used on them with each new partner or they are thoroughly washed with hot soapy water. This is because fluid inside the arse can carry HIV and other infections which can be passed from one guy to another.

Dressing up

When you’re having sex with a guy ask him if there’s anything he’d like you to wear. There’s a lot to choose from: sports kit, leather harnesses, rubber. Dressing up for someone can be a big turn on for you both and it’s a great way to add something extra to your sex life.

The perfect fit

Treat yourself to the right fit! Having a condom that fits snugly leads to safer and more pleasurable sex. Take the condom quiz ( to find the right brand for you. Or splash out on some that are made to measure: