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PrEP is now available for free on the NHS. It’s a treatment started before sex that protects you from catching HIV. Until now the only option was to buy it, join a drug trial or apply for charitable funding. That meant some people got left behind. PrEP has helped us achieve an impressive 80% drop in HIV at the clinic. However, we haven’t seen any fall in gay men aged under 25. Now we can offer PrEP to everyone who needs it. NHS PrEP means an end to complicated paperwork, payments and return visits to pick up your meds. Everything can usually be sorted in one visit. Unlike the IMPACT study, numbers are not capped. There’s no need to worry. We won’t run out of places. If you were previously buying PrEP we’ll switch you over at your next routine appointment. However, the IMPACT study closes in 2 weeks, so if you were on the study and haven’t had your final visit please come in as soon as you can. Finally, we want to give a huge thank you to everyone who has donated money to our ‘Generation ZERO’ fund. Hundreds of young gay men have been protected with free PrEP over the last year thanks to your generosity. We’re determined to end HIV transmission in London. Please help us spread the message that PrEP is available for free on the NHS. We’d love it if you shared our posts on socials. With your support, we will achieve a generation free from HIV.

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Are you eligible for free NHS PrEP?

Use the ‘PrEP assessment tool’ on our website to see if PrEP is recommended for you. Not everyone needs PrEP.  Condoms provide great protection against both HIV and other STI’s. You’re already covered if you always use them. People with HIV who are on effective treatment cannot pass on the virus. So you don’t need PrEP if your only partner(s) are HIV+ and ‘undetectable’. Their treatment is protecting you.

Where can I get free NHS PrEP?

All sexual health clinics in England will start offering free NHS PrEP over the next few months.  These clinics have already started. Book an appointment at Dean Street Express or call one of the clinics below: 56 Dean Street (Soho) - 020 3315 5656 10 Hammersmith Broadway - 020 3315 1010 Jeffries Wing (Paddington) - 020 3312 6614 John Hunter (Chelsea) - 020 3315 4040 Sexual Health Hounslow - 020 8321 5718