The Grass is always Grindr

Commissioned by 56 Dean Street, and generously supported by Wandsworth Oasis, ‘The Grass Is Always Grindr’ reflects the complexities of the modern gay men’s sex life. The three part series explores barebacking, apps, PrEP, loneliness and self-esteem. Produced by Brown Boy Productions and Dragonflies Productions. Directed by Luke Davies, written by Patrick Cash. Starring Denholm Spurr, Taofique Folarin, Jonathan Blake and Matthew Hodson.

  • This month on PRIME the long awaited second season of the Joe series ‘The Grass Is Always Grindr’. We follow a young gay man, Joe: master of the selfie. He spends his free time either trying to up his followers on Insta, or looking for guys on Grindr. One of those shags turns out to be Adam, a handsome boxer who is still in the closet. TGIAG is a three part series and we will air a new episode each month.
  • The PrEP Impact Study offers free NHS funded PrEP? Dean Street reopens to recruitment this month. Do you know someone who might benefit from PrEP?
  • Also on PRIME – PrEP hacks,  if you have recently joined the PrEP Impact study or are getting PrEP via our PrEP shop these tips can help you take your medicines.
  • Spring is a great moment to make fresh starts. So why do you not re-take Plan ZERO to check if you are still on the right sexual health plan – it takes a few seconds to complete the test and provides easy-to-understand advice about how to reduce the risk of HIV infection. Also share it with your friends.
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