New PrEP study

Have you been using any regime of PrEP for at least 3 months?
Were you using condoms for anal sex in the 3 months prior to you starting PrEP?

If you answered yes to both these questions we would like to invite you take part in a new PrEP research study.

What is the study about?

Research has demonstrated that PrEP is an effective biomedical intervention that significantly reduces the risk of HIV infection, when taken correctly.  Some studies have also reported on the psychosocial impact of using PrEP (e.g. less anxiety) but the people that participated in those studies were ‘high risk’ (e.g. having unprotected anal sex prior to starting PrEP).  However, we know that there are lots of men who are currently using PrEP who were not ‘high risk’ before starting PrEP.  This study is about giving those men a voice:  What motivated them to start using PrEP?  What impact has it had on their sex lives?  Has it impacted their wellbeing?

What does participating involve?

If you decide to take part in the study, you will be asked to:
1.      Email to express your interest or discuss with the team at the clinic, who can talk more with you about the study.
2.      The researcher will then reply to your email and send the Participant Information Sheet (PIS), which you should read carefully.
3.      If you still want to participate, Christopher will send you a questionnaire and consent form that you complete online (there will no reference to your name – you will be given a unique participate ID).
4.      The researcher will then arrange a video appointment (either via Zoom or Skype) for an interview.  The interview will last no longer than one hour and will be an informal discussion.  The researcher will ask you some questions about what motivated you to start using PrEP and also about the impact it has had on various parts of your life.