Being confident with your erection

Having problems maintaining a hard erection is a very common problem. For some men it happens infrequently, for others it can be more persistent.

There are lots of causes and while sometimes it is a physical condition, it can often be related to how we think and feel. Being distracted, tired, worried, not turned on, or using chems/drugs can all cause erection issues. And then if you start to worry it can create a cycle of anxiety which seems unavoidable.

This anxiety cycle can make you worry about situations which haven’t even happened yet, such as worrying about maintaining an erection in the future, concerns about what your partner will think or worrying about the kind of sex you might have.

It’s these distracting thoughts that can make achieving an erection more difficult. So what can you do?

Think about good sex

Thinking about sex that has been really good helps to balance the anxiety by reminding you of times when things have gone to plan. Create a list of the kinds of the things that have made sex really great for you and focus on those to help banish the negative thoughts.


Fortunately, practice really does make perfect. By spending time alone wanking and letting yourself get gradually softer and then harder again puts you in control and shows you that you can get hard.


If you experience erection problems when using condoms, practice can help here too. Getting used to opening condoms and putting them on quickly can make it less distracting when you’re with a guy.

Have the sex you want

It sounds obvious but focusing on the sex you like and not having sex that you aren’t 100% comfortable with will help you be more turned on and less distracted. Knowing what you like and what you don’t like is key to sexual confidence.

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