Making connections outside of your relationship

Successful relationships take time and energy, but sometimes that means we sacrifice friendships, which are important too. In fact, researchers from Oxford University found that people who fall in love report a reduced inner circle of friends – on average two friends were lost when a new partner came along.

While it’s important to spend time together in a relationship, spending time with friends has its rewards too. It can even be beneficial for you relationship as you each have a wider circle of support in times of pressure and it gives you experiences outside of the relationship to discuss and share.

But ensuring you take time out to spend with friends requires a little consideration, so here are our top tips:


Talk to your partner about the importance of your friendships. It’s very likely they’ll have friends they want to see too. Being open and honest about where you are and what you want to do ensures any jealousy is kept to a minimum.


You don’t have to have the same friendship groups to be in a relationship, but meeting each other’s friends gives you a fuller picture of your partner and enables you both to understand why spending time with your close friends is important to you.

Set time aside

Just as you might have a date night with your partner, schedule time for hobbies, activities and socialising with friends. Spending time separately is very healthy as it gives you time to miss each other and lots to talk about when you are together.


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