Tips to help you with PrEP

Whether you are taking PrEP every day, or using it on demand, during and after you have sex, remembering to take the pills correctly can be tricky.

Once you have chosen how you are going to use PrEP you can use these handy tips to help you.

Get the best start

  • It is important to be informed how to use PrEP – watch our video on how to get started here.

Set a routine  

  • Create a routine to ensure you take PrEP at the same time every day.
  • You can use your phone to set reminders at the times you need to take PrEP. Some phones, like iPhones, offer ‘persistent reminders’ that need to be actioned before they will disappear. There are also apps, like medisafe, that help you remember to take your pills and keep track of when you have taken them.
  • You could store PrEP next to your toothbrush so you are reminded to take PrEP frequently.

Use a pill box

  • A pill box labelled with the days of the week can help remind you when to take your pills –  you can buy them online or in a pharmacy.

Carry them with you

  • You can buy pill carriers on eBay that fit on your keyring.
  • Leave some in a wash bag so that you always have pills on you if you are on the move.
  • It is important to carry a pill with you for times when you’re not at home, or if there’s a chance you might stay over at someone else’s place.

If you miss a dose

People sometimes forget or skip doses. If you forget to take a pill, just take it when you remember. For example, if you usually take a pill in the morning but realise at 10pm that you forgot to take a dose, take 1 pill that night and then continue with your usual morning dose the next day.