The Grass is Always Grindr – new episodes

The Grass Is Always Grindr is back with another episode. Hot but closeted boxer Adam (Taofique Folarin) and ‘loud and proud’ Insta-famous Joe (Denholm Spurr) struggle with their romance – as Adam tries to balance a HIV diagnosis against his upcoming fight, and PrEP-taking Joe ends up on the chillout scene. Francis (Jonathan Blake) has a fling with a twist, and Ryan (Matthew Hodson) confronts ghosts from the past.

New characters include 19-year-old DJ Leo (Adonis Jenieco), drag queen club promoter Trish (Richard Watkins), manic chillout host John-Paul (Alexis Gregory), compassionate pornstar Eve (Siân Docksey) and psychosexual therapist Fabian (Richard Unwin).

Written by Patrick Cash, directed by Luke Davies, and produced by Dragonflies Productions (The Chemsex Monologues), and Brown Boy Productions (Soft Lad), with the help of  CW+ and Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust, the new series is a ‘must watch’.

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