The right routine

How daily PrEP could be the right choice for you.

In research looking at the how effective PrEP is, no one who took daily PrEP as recommended contracted HIV.

Getting into a routine of taking PrEP at roughly the same time every day can make it much easier than trying to plan taking PrEP when you think you might want to have sex.  There are also apps, like medisafe, that can act as a reminder to make daily PrEP even easier!

Taking ‘on demand’ PrEP (Two pills 2-24 hours before sex, one pill 24 hours later and one more pill 24 hours after that) means you’ll need to plan sex in advance. You must take every pill as recommended. Daily PrEP is a better bet, if your sex tends to be spontaneous.

To start daily PrEP you need to take it for seven days in a row at the beginning before you have the maximum protection.

Another good thing about daily PrEP is that it provides constant protection, even if you miss the occasional dose.  In fact, after the week of daily dosing, experts say 4 doses per week should be enough for anal sex.

Then, if you ever want to stop daily PrEP, you need to take a pill for two days after your last unprotected sex, to ensure it has done its job.

If you are worried about side effects of daily PrEP, remember that the majority of people taking PrEP do not report getting any side effects.

Some people get mild stomach side effects each time they start PrEP (e.g. Bloating and wind). This can make daily PrEP a better choice as the symptoms usually settle after about 10 days of continuous use.

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