Being responsible while barebacking

Barebacking doesn’t mean you have to be irresponsible when it comes to health. We take a look at how you can keep yourself and others safer.

If you are a guy who barebacks without any form of protection, there is a lot of advice and information about keeping yourself as healthy as possible, by visiting the clinic regularly, for example.

But you can also help protect the health of others too. Knowing you are being a responsible member of the gay community helps give you peace of mind and creates a healthier, happier London.

Tip 1:  Be honest with guys

Tell them about the kind of sex you want and are having so everyone is making informed choices. Don’t make assumptions based on someone’s behaviour or try to guess what sex they like. They may not be as confident, knowledgeable or experienced as you think.

Tip 2: Test regularly

Testing regularly isn’t just about your own health. It means problems can be picked up quickly to protect your partners. If you bareback without PrEP we recommend you HIV test monthly and every time you feel unwell.  We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible:

  • Walk into 56 Dean Street and pick up a self-test pack from the ground floor reception. You can test for HIV, Hepatitis and have a full sexually transmitted infection check
  • Show your PRIME text to walk into Dean Street Express for a check up
  • If you may have been exposed to HIV in the last 72 hours and you think you need PEP. You can walk into 56 Dean Street without an appointment. Arrive as early in the day as possible. Go straight to Level 1 reception
  • You can also walk in if you feel unwell, 2-6 weeks after you’ve had condomless anal sex without PrEP. We can run a special test looking for early HIV infection

Tip 3: Check in on your friends

If you have friends who you know are into bareback sex, tell them about our services. We’re proud of our team and the advice they offer men free from any judgement. You could help your friends and partners take care of their sexual health.