Apps aren’t all about sex

A new app could change the way we meet men, linking guys for more than just sex.

If you think gay apps are all about sex, thing again. Rob Curtis is breaking all the rules and providing an app for men who want to connect with guys who share common interests and hobbies.  We talked to Rob about the inspiration behind the app.

What is Squad Social and how is it different from other gay apps?

SQUAD SOCIAL is a new platform for LGBTQ+ people that are tired of hook-up and dating apps and want to find a new way to meet people to spend their time. SQUAD SOCIAL extends beyond just being an app – we’ll offer real-life experiences for people to connect as well. Using the SQUAD SOCIAL app, our community can find other LGBTQ+ people with shared interests to connect with and meet in real life.  For example, a gay man interested in fitness could use the app to find other fitness junkies in London to check out a gay spin class. SQUAD SOCIAL isn’t a dating app – it’s designed to help people build friendships and more meaningful relationships.

What was the inspiration for the app?

As the former MD of Gaydar, I saw that many people in our community are feeling isolated and lonely, even with all the options available to them for sex. Hook-up culture has taken over a lot of the social experience for men.  Sex is awesome but it is not always the healthiest way to connect to people so we want to help our community to rediscover the magic of sharing interests and meeting like-minded people without necessarily having to take your clothes off.

What changes have you seen in the gay community and where does this app fit in?

In the last few years, we’ve really had a watershed moment in terms of how we’re perceived in the outside world. That’s great – we can begin the process of living open and fulfilling lives in ways that weren’t possible before. But many people don’t know where to start. With 61% of queer venues closing in the last ten years it’s harder to access the community than it used to be. One of our goals at SQUAD SOCIAL is to bring that feeling of community so we can support each other when the time gets tough.

Three words that describe the app concept:

We. Belong. Together

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