Starting 2019 with a break

Taking a break from sex can give us time, energy and mental space to focus and think about forgotten desires. You might have a goal you have always wanted to achieve; writing a book, reconnecting with old friends, taking a class, or other bucket-list things you want to do. Now could be the time to reignite your efforts.

Here are some top tips for achieving your goals.

Are you doing it for you?

With so much pressure from the media and social media, it is important to make sure your dreams are ones that you really want and not the fantasy of someone else. Your passion should come from you, not what others expect of you. Little things can make you happier, not only big life changes.

Be realistic.

Your dreams need to be achievable and realistic. What small change could make you feel happier – it might be as simple as starting a new hobby, spending more time with friends or learning a new skill.

Take small steps.

Break down your ambitions into manageable steps. What can you achieve in one week – and then two weeks – that will help you get there? Creating a three-month goal is easier than aiming for a big change in a year, or a lifetime.

Make a habit of achievement

Creating a daily action plan with time set aside for personal goals will help you form a habit of giving time to yourself.

Share your dreams

Research shows that sharing your goals with a person close to you can increase the chances of achieving them. It also gives you someone to celebrate with, when you pass each stage of your journey.

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