Have you considered PrEP?

The New Year is a great time to take stock and review things. Perhaps PrEP is something that could help you to stay healthy and safe in 2019. Our plan ZERO can help you review your goals when it comes to your sexual health.

There are different ways to take PrEP. Most people on HIV PrEP take their meds every day. There is an alternative called the intermittent regime (some people refer to it as an ‘On Demand’ option). Studies showed it worked just as well as daily PrEP. We have two videos to explain how to take daily and on demand PrEP.

If you decided, you want to start PrEP; our PrEP shop makes it easier to buy generic HIV PrEP from someone you trust. By using the buying power of the NHS, we aim to keep prices as affordable as we can. The current price is £55 for 30 tablets. We recommend that you read this PrEP leaflet on the ‘i-Base’ website. The ‘I want PrEP now’ website is also a great source of information.