Condom treats

With such a wide range available, you don’t have to stick to standard condoms over the holiday period, so fill your stocking with a range of condom treats. Remember to look for the CE and Kite marks that show the condoms are safe to use and don’t use oil based lube, which can damage latex.


Textured condoms are ribbed or studded to add a different sensation for you or your partner. Some people find that these different textures increase pleasure – check with your partner first though so that there are no unwanted surprises as it can feel unusual at first!

Made to measure

Condoms should be tight enough so they don’t easily come off but not too constrictive. One brand, called TheyFit, aims to help anyone who finds condoms uncomfortable with 66 different sizes available so you can find your perfect size. A better fit means better safer sex.


Stimulating condoms, like Durex Intense, are lubricated with stimulating gels designed to increase sensitivity inside the butt by bring warming, cooling or tingling sensations – again, check with your partner before using these as some people can find the gels too intense.


If you are looking for something more playful, glow-in-the-dark condoms have a special pigment that glows after you expose it to light for at least 30 seconds – at least you won’t lose them!


Flavoured condoms add something new if you are using condoms for oral sex. They come in all shapes, sizes… and flavours: strawberry, banana, fruit cocktail…even bacon (we’re not sure about that either).

Latex free

Some people are allergic to latex, and so latex-free condoms, such as SKYN condoms, provide an alternative.  They are usually made from polyisoprene, which can feel softer than latex. This means that some people prefer them even if they don’t have a latex allergy – why not give them a try.

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