Trans guys and PrEP

PrEP is very effective at preventing HIV, but only when people take the tablets as directed. PrEP is either taken daily, or based around sexual activity and risk. The options depend on the type of sex you’re having

PrEP doesn’t affect or interact with hormone treatment, but please speak to your sexual health team about any drugs or hormones that you take.

  • Anal sex has different dosing options, including being used just before and after sex.
  • Front hole protection needs daily dosing for at least six days a week. PrEP needs to be taken for a week before it reaches the best levels for protection.
  • If you are using T (testosterone) this might reduce your natural lubrication and thin the tissue inside the front hole. We don’t know if this is likely to make PrEP less effective, or change how long it takes for PrEP to reach protective levels. Daily PrEP is therefore the best option.

In the below video commissioned by the Sophia Forum, Jamie speaks about his motivations to use PrEP.

What does PrEP do for you?

Excellent new video from our friends at the Sophia Forum. Jamie talks about his experience of being a trans man taking PrEP, a pill that can prevent people getting HIV.To find out more about how you can access PrEP:[Full Transcript: PrEP's given me the freedom to experiment a little bit more sexually and try different things. That was one of the big things for me, being able to have the sex, try different things, experiment, especially as my body was changing with surgery. So I could try different things and be happy to do it, and that was one of the things I didn’t have to worry about. I still get checked because of all the other STIs but the one thing I don’t need to worry so much about is whether I become HIV positive.]Film maker credit: Fernando Monteiro

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Credit: CliniQ
Credit: Sophia Forum