How to use PrEP

If you have condomless anal sex with multiple partners we strongly recommend you consider PrEP. Although it’s not freely available on the NHS they are several ways you can get it. Walk into Dean Street Express and we can explain your options.

We’ve created these new videos to support you with starting and taking PrEP. Please have a read and look below.

Before you start using PrEP

PrEP contains 2 anti-HIV drugs called tenofovir and emtricitabine. Before starting on PrEP we will do a HIV, Hep B and kidney test. People on regular treatment for a medical condition should check that there are no drug interactions with PrEP. You can check it here.

PrEP doesn’t protect against other STIs, so continue to use condoms if you can or get checked regularly. People who are starting or taking PrEP can walk into Dean Street Express for a check-up without an appointment.

How to take Daily PrEP

You have to take one tablet around the same time each day. It takes 7 days before protection starts. After that you are still protected if you miss the occasional dose. In the PROUD Study, no one caught HIV if they took PrEP as recommended. If your main risk is through condomless anal sex, you need to take at least 4 doses per week for protection. If you decide to stop PrEP, you must take at least 2 doses after the last risk before you stop.

How to take event-based PrEP

In order to take PrEP ‘on demand’ you need to be able to predict sex in advance. Taking PrEP on demand is only suitable for anal sex and it is important not to miss any doses.

You cannot use ‘on demand’ PrEP if you have active Hepatitis B infection.

On demand PrEP is as effective as daily PrEP when taken correctly. Take 2 tablets 2-24hrs before sex and one tablet every 24hrs after the first dose. You should continue taking PrEP until you have taken at least 2 doses after the last risk.

More information

Before you start with PrEP you should read the iBase leaflet.