Getting ready to have sex

Have you taken a step back from sex for a while? You might want to think about what it is you want from sex.

We’ve come up with the categories below so you can decide which one is best for you.

Safe with many

  • Sex is great and fun, now you’ve finished your break you may be ready to get back into having sex. If you decide to play the field, you may want to have something in place to give you confidence that your health is protected.
  • Click here to take a look at Condoms Plus if you want to learn more about how condoms can protect you, or click here to check out PrEP to see if that option could be right for you.

Bare with a boyfriend

  • You may have met a guy that you want to have sex with once your break is complete. You can do that without condoms/PrEP as long as you both get checked. You can come in together to Dean Street Express and get tested and, as long as you have both had four weeks without risk of infection prior to testing, you can go bareback with each other. Get the all clear then you can end your break with lots of sex with someone you trust.

Risky but ready

  • You’ve successfully completed your break and you don’t fancy condoms/PrEP/coupling, we’ve got a plan for that!
  • You can do what you want and how you want. But you should get tested regularly with us as there is a very high chance of catching HIV if you take no precautions. We recommend coming in once a month for a full screening to protect yourself and your sex partners. Think about whether this was what you were doing before you took a break, maybe it’s not the option for you and there could be a risk of falling into old habits and possibly getting yourself exposed to HIV. If you don’t want to use condoms we’d strongly recommend you consider PrEP.