Transitioning to a more trans-inclusive PRIME service for ALL men

Sexual wellbeing is all about choices. Whilst we know that a lot of trans folks might find themselves at home in cliniQ , a lot of gay, bi, or queer trans guys/NB people might feel that PRIME is a better fit for both themselves, and their partners. So, we are transitioning to a more inclusive PRIME service:

Transitioning noun

The process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.

Synonyms: change, move, passage, transformation, adaption, adjustment, metamorphosis.

PRIME is service that can help you stay HIV negative and can help you make positive changes to your sex life. If you identify as a guy, and you have sex with other guys, then we are going to ensure you have access to health information you can trust.

So, what kind of content can you expect?

  • All the material you usually find on PRIME. Plus: new articles, videos, and more that are both by and for queer trans men.
  • Trans-inclusive wellbeing information that can help you navigate high times, gay spaces, and low places.
  • Sexual health advice for gay, bi and queer men that takes transition, testosterone, surgeries, and front hole sex into account. Including, up-to-date knowledge about what PrEP means for your trans body.

..and maybe even a few articles for the cis (non-trans) guys about navigating sex with trans men. Perhaps you’ve been looking longingly at a hot trans guy on Scruff. He lives nearby, and ticks all your boxes, but you’re not sure how to approach a hook-up, or you’re worried some of the questions you want to ask might cause offence. Stay with us, because we have some handy tips in store for you too.