Being the best sex partner

The gay community is a diverse community with people who look and are different. We also all have different desires and preferences. Sometimes we can judge each other harshly, but judging does nothing to reduce sexual risk: respecting people’s sexual choices and keeping yourself safe does.

Being a good sex partner is also about respecting each other’s sexual choices.

Being kind

First of all. If you are respectful of others, it is more likely they will be respectful to you. Building a respectful community starts with you.

Understand we are not all compatible

Move on. Lots of men are not compatible for lots of reasons; whether it is in a relationship or in the bedroom. It’s fine to turn people down. If you’re unsure how to do it, think how you’d prefer someone to decline you.

Be clear

Being clear from the start about your own sexual choices (whether it is on an online profile or in a conversation) makes it much easier than having a conversation when you’re about to have sex.

Only do what you enjoy

Do not feel under pressure to have sex that you are not comfortable with. You’re both meant to enjoy it

Don’t get caught up in an argument.

What the point if you’re unlikely to see him again? Don’t fight fire with fire. If he is disrespectful to you just end the conversation calmly and walk away.