The five steps of partner notification

Our health advisors Ryan and Nanette have recorded a helpful video with 5 steps to help you with notifying your sexual partners when you have got an STI. Telling your sexual partners is crucial to stop the spread of STIs and keep other people safe. Our health advisors can help and support you with notifying sexual partners.

Step I – Testing

Remember, if you are having condomless sex with casual partners you should get a full STI check up every 3 months. If you aren’t protecting yourself with PrEP, you should also test for HIV every month.

Step II – Treatment

Don’t forget, if someone tells you that you may have been in contact with gonorrhoea, chlamydia or LGV, you can now just walk into Dean Street Express to get it sorted out. You don’t need an appointment.

Step III – Prevention

Not all STIs have or show symptoms – spreading the message when you have an STI is therefore important. We call this partner notification.

Step IV – Why is partner notification important?

If we test and treat people quickly, we can stop the infection being passed on. If you need us, we can help you tell your sexual partners.

Step V – Care

Help us to create a drop in STIs by tell your partners when you get an STI.