Taking a break during the holiday

Holidays might present a good opportunity if you want to take a break from sex. Whilst travelling, you can disrupt your current sexual cycle and start a new one in a way that protects your sexual health.

Taking a break can be tough if you still have reminders in place that could trigger you to have sex. To help your break from sex be a successful one we suggest taking some time to go through the following steps:

Establish what your triggers are

What things in your life usually trigger sex? Is it going out and drinking at the clubs or could it be apps.

Limit the reach of the trigger

You don’t have to completely shut the world out but placing certain things on hold for a short amount of time is the best way to give yourself control once again. If you want to go out then do it with friends and make it clear you’re not out to hook up and delete the sex apps off your phone.

Be proud of yourself

It takes a lot of strength to choose to remove these triggers from your life, once you have managed it you can be safe in the knowledge that you’ve taken steps to control your sexual health.