PrEP Update

As you might know there is an ongoing court battle between the manufacturers of generic (unbranded) PrEP and Gilead, the makers of the more expensive branded Truvada. Gilead say that they should be able to block the sales of the cheaper medicine.

At the moment, services in England that prescribe the cheaper generic drugs run the risk of being sued by Gilead. That’s why the ‘Dean Street PrEP Shop’ is the only service that sells generic PrEP sourced in England. (Trials like PrEP IMPACT are not affected by these rules).

Last week the European Court of Justice (ECJ) issued a ruling in favour of the makers of generic (unbranded) PrEP. The UK courts will now have to decide whether to agree with this ruling. We’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime you can still buy generic PrEP from us. We created PrEP Shop to make it easier for you to buy generic HIV PrEP from someone you trust. Please visit our PrEP shop for information on how to buy PrEP from us here.