Testing and treating yourself

There is always some of risk, when you have unprotected sex with people. The best thing to reduce the risk to your health and the people that you are sleeping with is to test regularly.

Life can make it easy to forget the small things. Before you know it, three months have passed and you have forgotten to get tested. We recommend you set a reminder on your phone to get into the habit of a 3 monthly check up at Dean Street Express.

We also have some tips to motivate yourself to get tested. Here are three ideas for you to treat yourself after testing.

1. Treat yourself to food

2. Home ordering

  • Got something in mind that you have been after for a while? Stave it off for a month and order it online alongside your next home test. You can order home tests through our partners at SHL.

3. Four weeks for guilt-free-bareback

  • Maybe you’re chatting to a guy that you want to go condom free with. Make sure you both get tested and check the tips on the PrEP or bareback sections of PRIME. Remember, trust is important when you are going condom free, so be as safe and sure as possible before hand.
  • At Dean Street Express you can get a 4th generation HIV test result within 6 hours. This test should detect any HIV that was caught over 4 weeks ago.

Do you want to know what the right plan for your sexual health is? Use our ZERO tool to find the right plan or reconsider the PRIME options.