PRIME Survey Results

A few months ago we asked you for feedback on PRIME. Overwhelmingly, 546 of you responded and we are very pleased with the results – thank you! This helped us gather some great insights on how we can improve PRIME for you. Here is the top 5 of things you told us:

1. 48% of you are interested in PrEP

PrEP is a subject that is very important to many of you (and us). The majority of you (68%) are also on PrEP. We will continue to keep you updated on the developments around PrEP and the Impact Trial. Do have a look at the PrEP section [link] for some interesting articles and stay tuned for more.

2. You told us you would like more on mental wellbeing

Some of the topics that you are interested in are maintaining a better self, loneliness and intimacy & communication. Many of you also told us that emotional intimacy can sometimes be frightening. On PRIME we already have some great tips and stories about loneliness [link to loneliness month] or try the take a break option which contains a lot of information about wellbeing.

But we are going to do even more, our psychologists and health advisors will be sharing and preparing more information and videos to answer your questions.

3. More videos and workshops

You really liked our videos and workshops. We are pleased to hear that, as we also enjoyed and learned a lot from the workshops. We are going to think about future workshops and keep you all posted on how we will provide useful information and have discussions with you about important subjects.

And we will be sure to get our experts in front of the camera to share their knowledge with you.

4. You are sexually confident

  • 80% is able to negotiate about the type of sex you want
  • 75% feels their sexuality positively impacts how they feel
  • 68% feels sexually confident without the use of chems or alcohol
  • 60% finds it easy to say no to drugs when having sex

We are so pleased to hear that the PRIME content is helping you feel confident in the bedroom.

5. 95% was satisfied or very satisfied with PRIME

This is a great compliment from you to us. We do our best to keep the community healthy and safe; and this strengthens our resolve. Most importantly, 86% of you think that PRIME has helped you to stay HIV negative.

Thank you for all your feedback.