Chemsex support tool

This month, we are launching a new online and interactive chemsex support tool.

Some people prefer not to come into clinic for face to face chems support; others are unable to get here, and some feel uncomfortable talking to someone about these things.

The online chemsex support tool is something you can use from the privacy of your own home,  phone or laptop. 56 Dean Street is not collecting any data from these entries, or recording anything that might be entered on the site; it’s entirely confidential.  You will be guided through a series of pages, prompts and choices, to help you choose a goal. Your goal might be to learn about harm reduction , or it might be to answer questions that help you to reflect on the kind of sex you prefer to have, and the role chems might be playing in that.

Another goal you might choose is to take a short break from chems, perhaps for a month, or just a weekend. The tool will then support you to achieve your goal by helping you to identify your most vulnerable moments in the coming month or weekend, and to be prepared for them. The tool will help you to identify some triggers that might make you vulnerable, and support you with craving management techniques, so you can manage them, rather than ‘reacting’ to them.

In just a few minutes, the tool can help you to create a small plan to help you achieve a goal; making changes can be easy for some, difficult for others; but we hope this tool gives you confidence and skills, to enjoy the sex you like, to stay as safe as possible.

Please also watch this video by David Stuart in which he gives an introduction to the tool: