Reset your relationship – tips to keep your relationship fresh

As spring arrives, it is time for a fresh start, also for your relation. The tips below give you a chance to reset your romance.

Think ‘collaborative’, not ‘competitive’.
The needs of both you and your partner are important. Doing something that your partner enjoys doesn’t have to feel like a sacrifice on your part. And you don’t have to expect something in return. Giving out of love is different to giving because you want something back. Working together to make each other happy and fulfilled can change the entire dynamic of your relationship.

Ask about their day
The stresses of work or daily life can sometimes make you forget to connect when you see your partner again. Taking time for a short debrief to tell each other how you feel can help you and your relationship.

Appreciate them
Don’t take your relationship for granted. Find ways to show your appreciation every day. Complementing your partner, spending time together or just letting them know you love them makes a huge difference to the way you feel about each other.

Date night
Setting a regular night aside just to spend time with your partner is one of the best things you can do if you have a busy life. The best conversations will happen when you have some space to yourselves and you are not rushing out of the door.

But also spend some time apart
Research shows that couples with the happiest sex lives spend some time apart on hobbies or meeting friends. Being in a relationship doesn’t stop you being an individual and you need time to yourself too.