Do you need PrEP in a relationship?

We spoke to three guys in long-term relationships who use PrEP to find out why the use it.


“We don’t officially have an open relationship but I’ve previously got high or drunk, and woke up feeling guilty because I’ve had sex with someone else. I’m fortunate because he understands but I take PrEP because I don’t want to put him at risk. If you know you can’t always be faithful I think you should take PrEP for you and your partner. I love him and don’t want to hurt him.”


“We’ve been together a long time and after about six years we decided that we would have an open relationship. We mostly have sex with guys together but occasionally apart. I work away a lot and he can do his own thing. I don’t get jealous but I don’t want the other sex we have to be on my mind for health reasons. PrEP gives us peace of mind and we know we aren’t putting each other in danger. We still try to talk about it as much as we can though because there are still other things you can get.”


“My partner is HIV positive and got it while in a relationship he was in for two years. I’m not saying you shouldn’t trust your partner but I think you need to have honest conversations and know you can talk if one of you slips up. If you aren’t sure and haven’t had these conversations, PrEP can be a useful backup. I know he’s positive. I know he is undetectable and can’t pass it on. I take it now because we also play with other people so it’s a safety thing for me.”