Tell him what you want

Read our tips for communicating about bareback sex so that guys know what you want and can make an informed choice about sex.

Don’t make assumptions

Just because someone is engaging in unprotected sex it doesn’t mean they know the risks. They might think you are HIV positive and on effective treatment, or taking PrEP and that their risk is reduced. Being open and honest about the risks enables your partner to make an informed choice about their own level of risk.

Talk about testing

Encourage your partners to get tested regularly. Bareback sex without protection the way most people get HIV and many other STIs. Early detection of infections can help improve health outcomes and can stop them being passed on to others.

Use your profile

If you find it difficult to talk to men about the sex you want, use online profiles to be clear about the kind of sex you are looking for and ask guys to read it.

Don’t rely on status

Around one in five HIV-positive men don’t know that they have HIV because they haven’t been tested or got it since their last test. Even if someone tells you they are negative, they may not be. It is good to talk about HIV status but be aware that they may not know for sure.

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