Finding Your Voice

Spending more time on activities and interests you love can be extremely fulfilling. Taking a break from sex can help you focus on yourself to find your own voice and decide what you really want next.

Take time to listen to yourself.

What makes you happy? What gets you passionate? Listen to your instincts throughout the day to find out what motivates you. Keeping a journal of your thoughts and feelings can help.

Accept that you are unique.

Don’t try to be someone else. Your passions and skills are as unique as you are, so do what feels right for you and not what you think is expected of you.

Be objective.

Try to look at yourself from another person’s perspective. What would your friends or family say your passions are? How would they describe your inspirations?

Just start.

Maybe you want to write, paint or play football. Overcoming the fear can be the biggest hurdle. Starting can seem hard but just going to a class or joining a club can be all the momentum you need.

Find someone who believes in you.

If you can, find a mentor, coach or a good friend who will motivate you. Tell them your goals so they can check in and help you progress.